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Sixth Grade

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~Welcome to Grade 6 ~

Sixth grade is a new and exciting place to be!  Sixth graders will have several different teachers for their core subjects.  The students will spend much of the day with their homeroom teacher but will transition for foreign language and science.  Throughout sixth grade, teachers encourage cooperation and a sense of belonging. Clear expectations are provided to facilitate a smooth transition from the elementary to our middle school program.

Our literacy-based classrooms foster a love of reading and    writing through the balanced literacy framework which provides students many opportunities for real life reading and writing experiences.  A minimum of 120 minutes daily is devoted to literacy instruction.  Reading and writing workshops are the basic components of the sixth grade language arts curriculum which help build and expand upon the skills developed in the elementary grades.  In reading workshop students and teachers select literature which includes a variety of genres and themes.  These selections are explored through whole group activities, book talks, and independent reading.  In writing workshop students focus on the writing process:  prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing for a variety of genres. Within this framework, students participate in the following components: Reading Workshop (includes independent reading, guided reading, and literature study) Writing Workshop (includes independent writing, guided writing, and research-related writing) Language/Word Study (includes the study of language conventions, spelling and vocabulary through interactive read aloud, modeled shared reading and writing experiences, interactive writing, handwriting, and language word study)

Social Studies:
The sixth grade social studies program focuses on ancient civilizations.  Among these civilizations that may be covered during the year are the Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks, Romans and Ancient India.  Students also study Medieval Times and The Renaissance.  In the process of exploring these civilizations, students compare and contrast their own lives with the civilizations we study throughout the year.

The sixth grade math curriculum focuses on an introduction to algebra.  Students will study: decimals; number theory; fractions and their operations; the collection and display of data; geometry; ratio, proportion, and percent; integers; perimeter, area and     volume; probability and the functions of coordinate geometry.

The sixth  grade science curriculum continues previous study of the three scientific genres:  General Science, Life Science and   Physical Science.  Topics in each category include the following:  General Science (Scientific Method, Graphing, Lab Experiments and Reports, Science Fair Projects, and Whole-Earth System Science); Life Science (Ecology and Ecosystems, Plants and Animals); Physical Science  (Astronomy, Earth Processes, Energy Transformation and Conservation, Force and Motion, as well as Matter). The program relies heavily on  the use of literature as well as hands-on scientific experiences provided by an middle level science specialist.

Special Subject Offerings:
Library, Art, Music, Foreign Language Level 1, Computer Technology/Keyboarding, Physical Education and Health.

New York State Assessments in English Language Arts and Mathematics
Fall/Spring Reading Benchmark Assessments
Fall/Spring Writing Benchmark Assessments
Portfolio Assessments
Unit Mathematic Assessments
Fall/Spring Math Benchmark Assessments

Extracurricular Activities:
Sixth grade students attend local and long-distance field trips that support our grade level curriculum. Students also have the opportunity to attend an extended camping trip in collaboration with our Outdoor Education   Program.  They have the option of taking band or chorus in sixth grade and can partake in numerous after school clubs and activities.