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First Grade

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~Welcome to Grade 1 ~
In first grade children gain a firm foundation in reading. They begin using process writing and with this, basic grammar skills, sight words and word families for spelling and handwriting. Teachers work to create a love of  reading by using an enthusiastic approach and show children that reading is valued. Teachers will also develop an understanding that reading for  meaning is paramount: students discuss stories and pictures in depth and are encouraged to predict outcomes in a story. Students will also be encouraged to write and to take risks when writing.

Our classrooms foster a love of reading and writing through the balanced literacy framework which provides students many opportunities for real life reading and writing experiences.  Reading and writing workshops encourage students to read and write across the curriculum.  As first grade students, children have the opportunity to select appropriate books for independent reading, participate in small guided reading groups, engage in shared reading and listen to interactive read alouds from a variety of genres. Writing workshop gives students a better understanding of the writing process as they learn how to plan for writing, organize their writing, etc. Students in first grade also develop a repertoire of spelling strategies. Within this framework, students participate in the following components: Reading Workshop (includes independent reading, guided reading, and literacy centers) Writing Workshop (includes independent writing, guided writing, and interactive writing) Language/Fundations (includes the study of language conventions, spelling and vocabulary through interactive read aloud, modeled shared reading and writing experiences, interactive writing, handwriting, and language word study)

Social Studies:
In the first grade social studies program students learn about their roles as members of a family and school community.  The development of identity and social interaction are stressed.  Students learn about families now and long ago, as they study different kinds of families that have existed in different societies and communities.  Students also begin to locate places on maps and globes.

In first grade students develop an awareness of patterns and relationships, focus on numbers 1 through 100, learn addition and subtraction facts for numbers 1 through 20, study basic geometry, time, money, measurement, graphing and place value.  In addition, they will learn different strategies for problem solving and will be able to estimate, use logic and reason.

The first grade science curriculum introduces students to the scientific method, order in their world, states of matter, and the investigation of living organisms.  The program relies heavily on the use of literature as well as hands-on scientific experiences provided by an elementary science specialist.

Special Subject Offerings:
Library, Art, Music, Health, Elementary Science, Computer Lab and Physical   Education.

Fall/Spring Observational Survey Literacy Assessments
Fall/Spring Writing Benchmark Assessments
Fall/Spring Mathematic Assessments
Unit Mathematic Assessments
Fundations Unit Assessments

Extracurricular Activities:
First grade students attend local field trips that support our grade level curriculum. Students also have the opportunity to partake in numerous after school clubs and activities.